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Our Hot Tubs are Cheaper to Heat Than Our Competitors

So, you’re interested in getting a hot tub?  It can be hard to decide on a hot tub; after all, they all
seem alike; but Shoreline Hot Tubs have a range of features that set them apart from the rest.
As well as offering low-maintenance hot tubs in a range of convenient sizes, Shoreline hot tubs can be ordered with ShoreHeat heat pumps (currently offered half price) that can reduce energy usage by up to 80%. Shoreline hot tubs are available with a low-deposit finance option, so you can spread the cost over a long period of time.

Hot Tub Heat Pumps
Heat pumps come in different styles; ShoreHeat heat pumps use a gas and electricity to extract heat from the outside air and transfer it via a heating coil. During its optimum function, ShoreHeat can provide 5kw of heat for 1kw of electricity.

ShoreHeat Heat Pumps
Energy costs might be rising across the board, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your
luxury hot tub experience, not with a Shoreheat pump. Shoreheat pumps are some of the most
energy-efficient, environmentally friendly compressor units available, improving home economy.

Shoreline Hydrotherapy
Shoreline Hydrotherapy hot tubs also benefit from intelligent technology that reduces the running cost and
makes your home more eco-friendly without sacrificing any of the luxuries. Hydrotherapy is an
excellent way to unwind after a long day and rejuvenate, so why not relax for less in your home?

Comparative Advantage
Hot tubs and hydrotherapy hot tubs are widely available, but few have the comparative advantage
of Shoreline Hydrotherapy technology.  Shoreline systems can help people save up to 80% on their hot tub heating
bills with an affordable low-deposit finance option.  Relaxing has never been as satisfying as this.

Browser our extensive range of high quality hot tubs online or visit our showroom in Leicestershire.

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