Hot Tub Offers

Welcome to our Special Offers Page, where we list ex-showroom display hot tubs. Take a look at our fantastic collection, and decide which outstanding Shoreline hot tub or swim spa is best suited to your specific needs and budgetary requirements.

Tried and Tested Discount Hot Tubs

The entirety of our hot tub and swim spa sales range is rigorously tried and tested, ensuring you receive a component in peak condition and full working order at a superb discount cost. So why not get in touch with us today to find out how to order from our fantastic collection of discount hot tubs? Give us a call or fill in an enquiry form and await a response from our friendly and dedicated team.

Model Seats SRP Our Price NOW SAVE
Naples (13/32amp) dry display 4 £6,700 £4,999 £4,749 £250
Monaco (13/32amp) dry display 6 £8,000 £5,999 £5,499 £500
Gibraltar (13/32amp) dry display 5 £8,750 £6,499 £5,999 £500
Amalfi (32amp) wet display 6 £10,000 £7,499 £6,999 £500
Capri (32amp) dry display 6 £12,500 SOLD

Barcelona (32amp) dry display 6 £12,500 £8,749 £7,749 £1000
Palma (32amp) dry display 6 £12,500 £8,749 £7,749 £1000
Valencia (32amp) dry display 6 £14,500 £9,999 £9,499 £500
Monterosso (32amp) dry display 8 £17,000 SOLD

Please note, finance is not available on ex display hot tubs.

Interest Free Hot Tub Finance & Low Rate Hot Tub Finance available on new hot tubs
We offer great rates with regards to hot tub finance on our new models. So, you can secure your dream commodity in cohesion with a payment plan that suits you. Find out more about our hot tub finance options, and choose the right one for your circumstances today.