So you have your new hot tub and you want to indulge it. There may be things that you need or things that you want or just those extra little luxuries that can augment your hot tub experience. You have come to the right place yet again because in addition to our other services we also offer a large range of diverse products.

A huge range of Hot Tub Accessories

We have everything you could possibly need.  All areas are covered from essentials like steps, hand-rails and booster seats, to toys, fun accessories and even a floating bar! If you are socialising, then you should check out our range of polycarbonate glassware and if you need to spend some quality time alone we also offer a wide range of aromatherapy fragrances to indulge yourself.  We can also supply and fit any replacement parts you may need; filters, jets, pumps – you name it.  Please click here or call us and talk to one of our hot tub experts about your requirements.