Hot Tub Repairs from The Hot Tub Company

The Hot Tub Company offers a service of repair and maintenance; delivered by our highly trained and efficient team of engineers. We always recommend regular servicing of your Hot Tub but even if you notice anything out of the ordinary and want to know what the cause might be, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We also recommend the regular draining of the Hot Tub – at least 4 times a year. In addition to your own maintenance of the Hot Tub this should ensure that the parts last much longer.

What to expect? Our engineer will inspect the various components – such as the pump, filters, jets and hoses – in order diagnose any potential problems.  We have many years of experience and are able to quickly and efficiently find the root of any problems. There is nothing we don’t know about Hot Tubs and so can also offer advice and service on specific problems – and we stock any replacement part you could need.If you need our assistance, or are interested in arranging a service or repair, please contact us.