Hydrotherapy Hot Tub Jets

‘Hydrotherapy Hot Tub Jets: like your own personal Masseur.’

Shoreline Hydrotherapy™ unique Hydropro™ hydrotherapy jets

Shorelinehot tubs are hydrotherapy hot tubs and are fitted with either Hydropro or HydroproPlusjets. 

Hydropro and HydroproPlus hydrotherapy jets are unique to Shoreline hot tubs. They are attractive in design and are long lasting due to special low friction materials, which are utilized to eradicate the need for standard ball bearings, so often the failure of lesser quality jets.  Hydropro and HydroproPlus jets are uniquely designed to infuse warm air (Warm air? Please see ShoreSeal™ insulation and Re-Heat section) into the water in a specially designed patent pending mixing chamber built into the rear of the Hydropro and HydroproPlus jet.  This very effectively mixes up to 45% air to 55% water for an invigorating hydrotherapeutic massage. Most Hydropro and HydroproPlus jets are fully adjustable and are all capable of giving you a deep tissue massage.

Each seat massages different muscle groups; no two seats are the same in any one Shorelinehot tub.

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