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Offering over 30 years of service in hot tubs and spas

Installing and maintaining a hot tub, swim spa or fitness pool can add value to your home and truly elevate your lifestyle but when it comes down to choosing a hot tub company to partner with and selecting the right hydrotherapy facilities for your home, things can get complicated.  The team at The Hot Tub Company is here to help! With over three decades of experience in building, supplying, installing and maintaining pools, spas and hot tubs, we are proud to be one of the longest-established and most trusted hot tub companies in the UK.

30 Years of Experience in Hot Tubs and Spas – At Your Service

Our history begins in 1990, when two members of the Chadwick family, Simon, and Jonathan started building their expertise and reputation in the business of spas, both for commercial and residential applications. In the following 33 years, we have received several awards and were one of the first companies to sell hot tubs online, providing cutting-edge services such as ultraviolet light (UV) water treatment systems, enhanced massage systems, and insulation solutions. Delivering Excellence Since 1990, hot tubs can certainly be an asset but choosing the right one and maintaining it to the highest standards can make all the difference.  At The Hot Tub Company, our mission is to guide you in the process of finding the best hot tub or swim spa and hydrotherapy facilities for your home. From choosing a hot tub, spa or swim spa to installing, maintaining, and repairing your existing facilities, the expert team at The Hot Tub Company will be by your side to meet any of your hot tub needs.

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