Tips for Meditating in your Hot Tub

A busy life can get in the way of your relaxation time, which is an important aspect of your mental well-being. A hot tub used for meditation could be the perfect solution to get a bit of ‘you’ time back and allow yourself to be free from stress. Meditation isn’t easy to learn straight away and could take a few attempts to really get in the zone. Despite this, you should persist if you believe it could be for you, as it could be a highly beneficial way of making the most of your hot tub.

Here are a few top tips for meditating in your hot tub.


First of all, set the mood and allow the atmosphere to calm you. Turn off, or turn down the jets, so that all you can hear is the nature around you. You may choose to decorate your tub with candles if you plan on meditating in the evening and play some calming music in the background to focus your mind.

Ensure that you are comfortable in both your sitting position and the temperature of the water. A sitting position you could try is to cross your legs and lie backwards. Try not set the water at too high a temperature or you may get restless and overheat, forcing you to lose concentration.

Time to meditate

Meditate in 10-minute sections so that you have a time limit to focus on. Allowing yourself to meditate in sections gives you a break if you feel you need it.

Start with five deep breaths and be aware of your body and each movement you make. Be aware of the sensations you feel and try to forget your surroundings. Exhale and get rid of any tension within your torso. You should feel some release as you exhale, which enables you to get rid of any stress or muscle tension caused within your day.

Focus on individual body parts as you breathe and try and concentrate on each body party from your head to your toes. Once you finally reach your toes, you should be fully relaxed.

Try this procedure on numerous occasions to get the full benefit of meditating in your hot tub. If you feel you need someone to meditate with you, perhaps ask your partner or friend to join.

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