ShoreHeat™ Heat Pump

Shoreline Hydrotherapy™ is a leader in heat pumps for hot tubs.

A World First Innovation In Hot Tubs

The optional ShoreHeat heat pump is a world first.   It is the first heat pump especially designed for heating hot tubs. Most of the Shoreline range of hot tubs have been specially designed so that the ShoreHeat heat pump can be integrated into the Shoreclean filtration system and the ShoreSet control system. The ShoreHeat heat pump is the latest generation of air source heat pumps and utilizes the latest technologies including intelligent processors and software, titanium composite heat exchangers and rotary compressors.  They also have reverse-cycle defrost capability.   This means that the ShoreHeat heat pump will work at low ambient air temperatures.

Save Upto 80%* In Heating Costs With A ShoreHeat™ Heat Pump

The co-efficient of performance or COP is the efficiency rating system used for air source heat pumps.  It is the measure of their effectiveness in converting the power it uses into heat. The COP of a ShoreHeat heat pump is approximately 5 to 1.  This means that when your ShoreHeat heat pump is working at its maximum efficiency, for every 1kw of electricity consumed the unit will provide approximately 5kw of heat (80%).  Even at temperatures as low as 5ºC, the ShoreHeatheat pump has a co-efficiency of 2 to 1 (50%).  This is still twice as efficient as any other brand of hot tub heating system.

How Does The ShoreHeat™ Heat Pump Work?

Heat pumps work in similar way to the kitchen fridge but in the opposite direction.   Instead of cooling an area like a refrigerator, a heat pump collects heat and deposits the heat into an area.  In this case, your Shoreline hot tub. No need to be alarmed.  There is no need to dig up your garden! ShoreHeat heat pumps are air sourced heat pumps, not ground source! Everything needed for the connection to your Shorelinehot tub is included.  All that is required is a suitable base** placed next to or behind your Shoreline hot tub.

Additional ShoreHeat™ Heat Pump Benefits

For those customers who wish to site their hot tubs indoors**, there may be times in the summer when the water in the hot tub is too hot.   Especially in conservatories and sun rooms where there can be a lot of passive solar gain (the green house effect).  This can sometimes lead to temperatures in the hot tub exceeding 40ºC without any form of  heating. ShoreHeat heat pumps have the ability to work in reverse and therefore cool the water down.

ShoreHeat Video

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Installation Guide

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Prices from £2,250 incl. fitting


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*Subject to age/condition of hot tub and rigid cover.
**Heat pumps must be situated outside and not be enclosed or obstructed.
NB. The heat pump colour may be different from the image above.