Sweep Bend Hot TubOur Hot Tubs are of the very highest quality, but over time parts and components can be become worn. Correct use of chemicals and regular cleaning should prohibit this; giving you a Hot Tub to enjoy for many years.

Hot Tub parts from The Hot Tub Company


A neglected filtration system can be the cause of many problems as they gradually become clogged with debris and organic waste. With a well maintained filtration system you can avoid this problem. Nevertheless as filters age they loosen up; allowing an increased amount of waste to escape through the pump. We recommend the annual replacement of filters to protect your pump and to keep your Hot Tub in tip-top condition.


The Hot Tub pumps consist of an electric motor, a seal and an impeller – these are the parts that move the water. All can be replaced separately or a new pump can replaced if necessary. The main problem is that over many years of use, the motor and/or seal wear out and require replacing. We can also supply other pump parts, such as Ozone Generators, Heaters and Circuit Boards.


There are a number of jet types available to suit your needs – pulsating jets, directional jets and rotational (roto) jets – and they are easy to replace. Obviously the jets are a fundamental part of the Hot Tub and we want to make sure they are working to full capacity. Irregular water flow and calcium build-up is a tell-tale sign that jets need replacing.

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