How to celebrate in style with your new hot tub

If you’re thinking about buying a hot tub then you are already well on your way to improving the lives of yourself and your family. Not only are they good for your health, but they also add tranquility, luxury and a spot of glamour to your home. Once installed however, how are you going to celebrate this fabulous new addition to the garden?

Get friends and family over

Once installed, invite a few friends or family members over to celebrate the new tub in style. Obviously, it can only hold a certain amount of people at a time, but couple this with an afternoon of garden games or a birthday party and they’ll be plenty of other stuff going on so that everyone gets a turn. Depending on when you get it installed, it may be worth waiting for warmer weather or a particular event like a birthday or anniversary to show it off properly for the first time.

Food and drink

It’s not a good idea to heavily drink when using a hot tub, so keep the drink at bay until later in the day and don’t let any heavily inebriated friends into the tub for their own safety. Instead, focus on having a small gathering with some great food; a cold buffet with canapes are ideal if you’re getting in and out of a hot tub. If you do plan on having a drink, make sure there is plenty of food to go round so that guests are not drinking on an empty stomach.

Photos and social media

The first thing you’ll want to do is take plenty of pictures and show them off on social media. Do these before it gets too dark, in order to get your hot tub in best light, although some sunset snaps will also look great and even some evening ones if you have good lighting in your garden. Make sure you get permission from those in each picture before you upload them, not everyone likes to be snapped in their swimwear!


It’s really important to keep your hot tub clean and safe. After every gathering, clean it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and check that nothing has been dropped in there, like watches or jewellery, before you replace the cover.


If you plan on having a gathering, be sure to have some spare swimming costumes in a range of sizes as well as plenty of sun lotion and sun hats on hand.

Whatever you do, be sure to celebrate in style after your hot tub is installed, it’s a great asset for your home, but also a wonderful thing to share with family and friends.

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