Caring for your new hot tub or swim spa

So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to invest in a swim spa or hot tub. Or perhaps you’re considering buying one but are concerned about its upkeep. Here at The Hot Tub Company, we understand that purchasing a hot tub or swim spa is a big investment, and we want to make sure it’s one that lasts.

Here are our top maintenance tips:

1. Ask the experts

When you decide on the model for you, staff are on hand to take you through the maintenance process step by step. It’s important to pay attention to the stages involved and to get in touch in the future if anything is unclear or if you would like assistance or advice.

The good news is, thanks to the in-built systems in our hot tubs and swim spas, you shouldn’t need to spend more than a few minutes a week making sure everything is in good condition.

2. Always use a cover

This simple step will improve the efficiency of your hot tub or swim spa and help to keep it clean as well. A well-insulated cover will save you plenty of money on running costs over time by keeping the water warm, and it will also ensure that the chemical balance isn’t altered by rain or other materials falling in the tub.

3. Keep things clean

As well as keeping things covered, you should also ask guests to shower before using your hot tub or swim spa to reduce dirt and residue from things like detergents or deodorants.

However diligent you are in caring for your hot tub or spa, though, the water will still need to be replaced every few months and the system flushed out. This means things like de-scaling and checking the pumps and jet housing. We can advise you on how to do this yourself, or you can opt for a professional maintenance service.

4. Choose the right chemicals

When you buy from us, we provide all the approved water treatments, so you know you’re getting the best quality. Some people try to cut costs by buying cheap chemicals and treatments for their hot tub online. We advise you to always use the products provided by us and check in with staff if you’re making any changes to the care process.

It’s important to use the right treatments and chemicals regularly to keep your water hygienic and at the correct pH level for your skin. Sanitisers (bacteria-fighting chemicals like chlorine or bromine) and clarifiers (used to keep the water nice and clear), should be used on a weekly basis for optimum effect. We also advise using a regular ‘shock treatment’ to prevent the effects of organic waste compounds. Once again, these are all things that you will be advised on when you buy.

To find out more, contact The Hot Tub Company today.

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