Can a hot tub add value to your home?

If you’re considering purchasing a hot tub, but don’t know whether the cost of installation and maintenance is even worth it, you may be completely wrong. It appears that making the most of your garden could add a dramatic increase to your property, and therefore installing a hot tub could add a great deal more value to your home.

Mark Haywood, president of the National Association of Estate Agents, claimed that adding a feature to a patio such as a barbeque or hot tub could actually increase the value of a home by up to £10,000. Even if your home is more modest, it could actually make it more much sellable when the time comes to move home.

So, what are the costings to make your hot tub home more sellable?


All hot tubs will need some form of maintenance, however, although this may sound like a pain, the benefits are highly worth it. Types of maintenance include regular cleaning with specified cleaning products, as well as specialised chemicals to keep the water clean. Running costs will also be another factor if you plan on using the tub yourself before you sell, however, this won’t cost too much at all.

In order for your hot tub to maintain its value and impress new homeowners, you will need to keep on top of the maintenance the best you can. Whether you plan on doing so for the hope of selling your home in the near future or making sure that your own investment lasts you as long as you need it, you will need to make sure your hot tub is well-kept and seen as a spectacle for house viewings.


One aspect to consider may be purchasing hot tub accessories to allow your hot tub to seem even more appealing. Options may include privacy screens so that nosy neighbours don’t get a peek, spa surrounds so you can play your favourite music outdoors, spa cushions and even decking. Placing decking around your hot tub gives a wow-factor to the overall look of the garden, and this accessory alone could help boost the value of your home.

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