The best accessories for your Hot Tub

There is nothing lovelier than relaxing in a beautifully warm and bubbling hot tub in the privacy of your own garden after a hard day at work. But which accessories will make the experience as perfect as possible?

A parasol

These are great in sunny weather where you need to keep those UV rays off your skin. You’ll find them in metal and wood for the frame and a range of fabrics for the canopy, with colours to suit your design scheme. Try them in rainy weather too when you want to enjoy some luxury without being dripped upon!

Directional jets

Hydrotherapy jets make a wonderful addition to your hot tub when you want to enjoy a soothing, instant massage from the comfort of your own home. They are also invaluable if you suffer from muscle pain and aches and can provide natural relief from a range of physical conditions. Simply direct the water jet to massage the affected area and relax.

A cover

This is essential to keep your hot tub free from debris and clean. Throughout the year, dirt and debris such as leaves and twigs can damage your hot tub, but a cover will provide protection as well as insulation and safety for children and pets.

A gazebo

A step up from a parasol, a gazebo will give you privacy and enhance the look of your garden whilst providing plenty of protection from the sun, wind, rain and whatever else the elements might throw at you! When you add a gazebo, you can also enjoy your hot tub all year round.


These are essential for easy entry and exit from your hot tub, especially if you have young, elderly or disabled users who need to use the tub. They also come in a range of heights, colours and materials so you can get the ideal fit for your hot tub.

Spa bar

If you’re planning to enjoy a cocktail or too, whether on your own, with a partner or with friends, then a spa bar puts those drinks in easy reach and prevents you from needing to clamber in and out of that lovely warm water and dart to the house for refills! You can invest in a built-in spa bar or choose an inflatable model for occasional use.

Waterproof headphones

If you love to listen to music in order to enhance your relaxation experience, then waterproof headphones are the way to do it without irritating anyone around you!

What are your favourite hot tub accessories?

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