Japan to open world’s first hot tub theme park

Japan is the world’s number one destination for all things weird, wacky and wonderful. They have hotels dedicated entirely to Christmas, robots and Hello Kitty, and have an unusual obsession with neon lights and Crocs, but now it looks like they’re on the verge of creating something that’s a little more up our street.

With hot tub rollercoasters, natural springs and cable cars that contain bathtubs, the Beppu Rakutenchi park, soon to be located on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu – famous for its natural hot springs and geysers – will be a dream for anyone who wants to experience theme park thrills while wearing swimming shorts.

A video of what the park is expected to look like was released two weeks ago by Beppu mayor Yasuhiro Nagano, and he promised to make the attraction a reality if it managed to reach one million views.

After four days, the video had already been watched 1.4 million times, and that figure has now risen to almost 2.5 million. The mayor has subsequently declared his intention to start work on the park as soon as possible.

Huge tourist appeal

A statement released by the mayor’s team states: “This will be a setting for everyone, from children to adults. It will be an exciting, thrilling tourist spot to help young residents feel that Beppu is fun.

“The park will verify the appeal of various hot springs and show the world new types of creative thought in a city that boasts Japan’s largest yield of hot springs.”

The region’s tourist board anticipates that such an attraction could bring around 40 million foreign visitors to the area each year, which would be an incredible achievement when considering that this year they welcomed only 400,000.

Full construction details are yet to be released, but it is thought the park will have to undergo unprecedented health and safety checks prior to it being given the final green light.

Closer to home

However, if you can’t wait three or four years for the park to open, why not get your very own hot tub so you can get practising your relaxation technique?

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